This temple for the modern city is a place where people from different religions can pray/meditate. Rather than build a space with a common denominator or to abolish traces of any direct reference to a religion, we designed an envelope where people of any religion are given an individual “thinking” cube where they can be alone, together.

When dealing with spiritual places the ritual is crucial. The temple is designed to symbolize the disconnection with the earthly. For this reason the entrance floats and passages from one area to another are exaggerated. Within the rectangular shape there is an egg shaped space with a hole at the top for incidence of light. From this space there is no direct contact with the outside world and the only indication of the earthly world is the moving sunspot. In the “egg” the visitors can appropriate their own “thinking” cube and use their specific/individual contemplation methods to pursue the transcendental.

For their mindset and efforts these people are put on a pedestal. The light entering above their heads emphasizes the idea that they themselves become the figures on the altars. In other words, their dedication is illuminated.

Their dedication is illuminated